Promotion of WBL via Vocational Education Training Triangle

Improving the quality of education and adapt the education system to the needs of the market


Kielce Technology Park has been the leader of the international project Promotion of WBL via Vocational Education Training Triangle (VETriangle), which main objectives are: improve the quality of of education and adapt the educational system to the needs of the market, with particular emphasis on vocational training at the employer. The project will be implemented in collaboration with Germany, Spain, Turkey and Lithuania, with the support of the European Commission's within the program Erasmus +. The project is worth over 200 thousand euro.


Vision and character


One of the areas of the KTP is to build awareness among young people associated with entrepreneurship. Lack of work experience in companies, as well as associated with the lack of appropriate skills and competence is one of the factors of co-creating "gap" in the education system among young people in the European Union. The need to identify and adopt practices that can fill this gap is very important. Partial solution may be a high quality system of education and vocational training, in which the employer can take the active part. The opportunity to to gain experience in the workplace will help young people to find employment by providing them they needed to take the first step into the labor market: among others knowledge, skills and competence.

This is the nature of the project. It is about adaptation of vocational training to the specific needs of employers. The project participants during the study visits will explore education systems in the countries involved in the project. They will visit also the place where young people learn in practice to work in the production. At the end of the project will be create the guide whixh help to implement the principles of the dual system of education in many places, not only in the country. The project, led by KTP, will be realized until August 2018.

Project partners worked on contributions to four intellectual outputs (IO1, IO2, IO3, IO4) on lifelong learning, work-based learning and methodology in dual education.

The project is a compendium of information about vocational education based on practical learning of the profession, not only in Poland, but also in partner countries.

Intellectual outputs


Capacity Building for Developing VETriangle

The first phase of the project implementation focuses on the presentation of good practices and the role of institutions and organizations involved in the dual vocational education and training system. The document also proposes many solutions aimed at increasing the effects of vocational education in individual countries. 

Intellectual output no.1:

Summary intellectual output no.1:

Advanced Manufacturing Specific Curricula

Technology is developing very quickly at all levels, therefore there is a need to generate new curricula and choose appropriate training. The intellectual result focuses on the description of the methodology of designing and defining new curricula, based on the skills and qualifications required in the labor market.

Intellectual output no.2:

Summary intellectual output no.2:

Didactic handbook and train the trainer course

The intellectual result no. 3 is a didactic handbook. It presents various training methods that combine theoretical and practical content based on practical learning of the profession. Describes exam tools and outlines for practical classes. The main goal is to provide trainers and instructors with new ideas and inspiration for innovative training.

Intellectual output no.3:

Summary intellectual output no.3:

Process Development Strategy

The strategy describes the process of developing cooperation between entrepreneurs, which is to ensure proper implementation of teaching through apprenticeship in the field of vocational education in partner countries. The main focus is on encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in internships and to increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training.


Intellectual output no.4:


The intellectual results, created as part of the project, will be included in the printed handbook, available on removable disks and on the project website or on the Linkedin.


Leaflet to download:


Project Partners:

  3. UAB "Globaliosidejos" Lithuania
  4. VereinfürEuropäischeSozialarbeit, Bildung und Erziehunge.V. Germany


Events organized within project:

Kick of meeting - Poland

Konferencja międzynarodowa - Lithuania

Multiplier event - Poland

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Commission within the program Erasmus +.