The space for the new and already existing businesses based on the development of innovative technological solutions used in manufacturing and services. The entrepreneurs may use the space of more than 20 tys.m2 which consists of:



  • service and laboratory building comprising 8 modules that can be tailored to the needs of the tenants
  • 4 production halls comprising of independent modules with mezzanines.


All modules of the production hall are equipped with basic technical infrastructure, media, office and staff facilities.

Additionally, the Technological Centre includes:

  • storage yard
  • parking places




Selection to the CT


Events calendar

Jun 2020

The Project has been financed from European Union Funds within The European Fund for The Regional Developmnet and national budget in connection with The Program For Operational Development of Eastern Poland, activity 1.3. Support for Innovation.

Kielce Technology Park has got
Certificate of Quality Management System
which fulfills the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO 9001-2009

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