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What is the Poland Prize?

Poland Prize powered by Kielce Technology Park is the program which aims at bringing foreign technological start-ups to develop their ideas and businesses in Poland. This project is not only a financial and substantive support, but also an opportunity to cooperate with Polish business. We would like to invite originators from the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality sectors.

For whom is our programme?

  • Non-Polish startups being able to complete the technical challenges defined by our Partners
  • Enthusiasts ready to work with Polish companies,
  • Individuals and teams with relevant competencies in their industry,
  • The partnership must not be older than 5 years,
  • Ready and able to meet the technical challenges defined by our partners

What do

we offer?

    Up to 55 000 € non-returnable financial support in cash
    Support of our experienced team of interpreters and legal advisors during the Soft Landing phase
    Training sessions to help develop and improve your business skills.
    Learning inside how the business partner operates

The ranking list of Startup teams qualified for the Poland Prize Acceleration Program:

First round

- WIDNET Solution, Darko Mickoski

- ADVIN, Roman Yudenko

- Product Configurator in 3D with augmented reality, Wiktor Kidziak

- Machinabler, Amuthesan Sivakumar

Second round


- Expertus/ C TECH

- Zastrakuvaty

- Solution for a service organization

- SUS Technology

- New Invest technology


- Invest Solves

- GuardicON



We are looking for originators from many innovative fields, in particular from the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

63 Challenges.

Development and optimization of machining technology for thin-walled body castings.


Technology recipient:

Development and optimization of power supply technology for body castings (thin-walled) for the DN50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 series.


Technology recipient:

Development of a stand for drying and heating of stopper casting ladles.


Technology recipient:

Development of a system for monitoring the operating parameters of machine tools and casting machines.


Technology recipient:

Development of technology and equipment for cutting off power supply systems for steel castings.


Technology recipient:

Development of an IT system generating reports from thermal images of PV modules, signaling the type and number of faults and converting them into real financial losses


Technology recipient:

Development of an IT system that creates reports on the operation of photovoltaic farms based on source data from photovoltaic inverters.


Technology recipient:

Creation of a solution that allows the automation of the autonomous flight of drones at specific time intervals in a given area and return to the starting point (docking station from point 2) without operator intervention.


Technology recipient:

Designing and creating an intelligent docking station resistant to harsh weather conditions from which drones can take off and land. The station should be able to automatically charge the drones and handle communication between the drone, the station and the external platform.


Technology recipient:

Design and implementation of a platform for managing a dispersed network of intelligent docking stations, including fleet management and remote configuration of devices.


Technology recipient:

Design and implementation of a solution for managing a dispersed network of office multifunction devices, including fleet management capabilities and device monitoring.


Technology recipient:

Design and production of a solution enabling configurable authorization, implemented in the management system of a dispersed network of office multifunction devices with user authorization from the smartphone application.


Technology recipient:

Anticorrosive coatings to protect elements.


Technology recipient:

Optimization of logistics processes.


Technology recipient:

Optimization of production processes.


Technology recipient:

Product configurator.


Technology recipient:

Wear-resistant coating facilitating the unloading of goods from the building.


Technology recipient:

Digitization of production processes / Industry 4.0 solutions.


Technology recipient:

Ecological medium voltage insulation materials.


Technology recipient:

Material engineering / new anti-corrosion coatings.


Technology recipient:

Smart charging systems for electric cars.


Technology recipient:

Solutions supporting the optimization of production processes, including the control of production processes.


Technology recipient:

Development of software for comprehensive customer insurance service, including management and issuing policies as well as claims settlement.


Technology recipient:

Development of software supporting online sales of insurance in various customer groups.


Technology recipient:

Monitoring of a technical condition performed by TRAKT S.A. on the engineering structures with reinforced concrete structure (in particular bridges, viaducts, culverts) in the period before they are put into use.


Technology recipient:

Introduction of a uniform condition of the monitoring system implemented by TRAKT S.A. of the construction works on individual contracts during the guarantee and warranty period.


Technology recipient:

Introduction of a uniform system of providing access to areas covered by warranty obligations of TRAKT S.A. to the third parties / entities willing to make their own investments within the above-mentioned areas and monitoring the subsequent actual activities of these entities within the above-mentioned areas.


Technology recipient:

Design and implementation of an intelligent solution for ticketing operational tasks with the escalation of information for real-time supervision allowing for the automation of the operator's work and on-line feedback for the customer.


Technology recipient:

Designing and creating an intelligent mobile video monitoring platform equipped with an integrated system for detecting and monitoring threats ensuring long-term operation (minimum 10 days) without a 230V mains power source.


Technology recipient:

Design and development of software for cameras, using the image analysis function based on Deep Learning, used to manage the video monitoring system.


Technology recipient:

Design and development of software for the Integrated Personal SystemAlarm, containing intelligent algorithms that allow to obtain locations in open and closed areas, along with adaptive algorithms limiting energy consumption, introducing intelligent self-diagnosis and autonomous selection of the optimal provider and telecommunications technology.


Technology recipient:

Development of a perimeter control system to detect intrusions into the protected area. The system must enable the detection of an unauthorized crossing of the fence or the border area. The protected area does not have to be fenced.


Technology recipient:

Design and implementation of an optical sensor control and reading system using Bluetooth "BEACON" in various types, XYZ, gyro, speed, etc .:
- creating an "engine" for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine enabling motion control using Beacon and dual cameras;
- creating an interface (adaptation to AR and VR) for model management and preparation of the control system as well as acoustic and visual signaling;
-preparation of the system for AI analysis (machine learning);
-preparing connections in the user panel to control data for the supplier - recipient - user supplier.


Technology recipient:

Designing and launching the first stage of implementation of the Platform for the Exchange of Ideas, Solutions, Data and the possibility of launching decentralized production using 3D technology. The project aims to create a platform for decentralized cooperation and technical production for 3D technology.


Technology recipient:

The technology of coating the components of internal combustion engines with coatings ensuring resistance to high temperatures.


Technology recipient:

Technologies for the development of carbon materials aimed at eliminating their brittleness and the possibility of precisely determining the fatigue limits of the material. Technologies for the development of bio-resins as a matrix in composite materials.Limiting the influence of the environment on the degradation of the properties of CFRP materials.New technologies of carbon materials recycling.


Technology recipient:

Technologies aimed at obtaining the properties of self-cleaning photovoltaic panels and ensuring protection against their dirt.


Technology recipient:

Development of technologies increasing the safety of cyclists. For example, the development of technology such as SABS - Safe Anti-Locking Braking System.


Technology recipient:

The use of new materials ensuring longer life of engine seals operating in extreme conditions and the technology of coating engine seals with rubber coatings to increase the ability to seal.


Technology recipient:

Development of an alternative assembly method that eliminates the disadvantages of using plastic rivets, i.e. car clips


Technology recipient:

Technologies for utilization and recycling of photovoltaic panels and electric car batteries.Compact technology of bio-gas recovery from landfillsTechnology of production of universal plastic self-tightening clamps made of PAA 66 material.Technology of regeneration of electric compressors / turbines.


Technology recipient:

Creating a chat bot to handle shopping processes in the store.



Technology recipient:

Automation of complaint processes in the online store.



Technology recipient:

Product configurator (selection of products for specific customer indications) based on artificial intelligence.



Technology recipient:

Tools for customer service using the Call / Contact Center


Technology recipient:

Elements related directly and indirectly to customer service


Technology recipient:

Automation of customer service processes


Technology recipient:

AI-based solutions (categorizers, bots, healthcare solutions, biometrics)


Technology recipient:

IT tools supporting the work of healthcare entities (medicine, telemedicine, support for doctors, patients, rehabilitation)


Technology recipient:

Tools thanks to which you can achieve quality (Quality Management)


Technology recipient:

Process support tools


Technology recipient:

Regeneration of filter beds (used carbon blocks, granular carbon, ion exchange resin)


Technology recipient:

Creating applications supporting BIM design in a general scope


Technology recipient:

Creating applications supporting the design of BIM in the field of: teletechnical installations


Technology recipient:

Creating applications supporting the design of BIM in the field of: electrical installations


Technology recipient:

Development of applications supporting BIM design in the field of: sanitary installation


Technology recipient:

The use of AI in commercial displays for the purpose of monitoring products on the shelves


Technology recipient:

Use of IIoT in commercial displays


Technology recipient:

Big Data - developing mechanisms, algorithms (engines) for analyzing the collected data for the needs


Technology recipient:

Optimization of logistics processes


Technology recipient:

Automation of processes related to, among others, product inventory


Technology recipient:

Hardware / software combination - wireless data transfer capability


Technology recipient:

Development of software that manages RFID transmitters, records and reads information in RFID tags and also reads biometric identifiers, manages industrial controllers.


Technology recipient:


Our business partners in the Poland Prize programme are industrial companies (direct receivers of technology) and venture capitals. We are making activities to engage the new ones. Contact us if you are interested or need more information about it.

The main activity is the casting of steel. They produce castings for energy, chemical, petrochemical, cement and lime, mining, and machinery industries.

visit site

The company operates in the renewable energy industry. They design, selection, assembly, and service renewable energy installations.

visit site

They provide proprietary products and services in the field of IoT and Industry 4.0 for intelligent factories, mines, and logistics centres.

visit site

Currently the largest Polish manufacturer of bodies for truck chassis over 12t permissible total weight. The company also produces hook devices, trailers, and semi-trailers.

visit site

Leading manufacturer of equipment for the power industry in Poland. It manufactures devices for cable and overhead lines especially container transformer stations, medium and low voltage switchgear, pole transformer stations.

visit site

LuCasco Broker is the insurance broker company, licensed by Polish Financial Supervision Authority. We specialize in comprehensive customer service in the area of corporate insurance.

visit site

The main activity of the company is the construction, modernization and renovation of roads and streets along with road infrastructure, as well as the surface of sports facilities, communication infrastructure at shopping centers, internal roads and parking yards.

visit site

For 30 years they have been supporting companies and institutions by offering outsourcing services for business. They operate in almost all industries, supporting the largest entities on the market, as well as medium-sized enterprises and smaller companies.

visit site

Software producer. It has been operating on the Polish IT market for over 30 years. He deals with the improvement of customer service processes.

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Provides co-financing of R+D projects in the early stages of development (Proof of Principle and Proof of Concept). Supports the seed stage concepts where the risk of investment failure is the greatest, but it can be effectively verified by the fund.

visit site

Group of funds for years supporting the development of technology companies and involved in the development of the VC environment in CEE. Invest in founders of companies at early stages of development (seed - Series A).

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The company has been in the automotive market for over 20 years, manufacturing and supplying metal and rubber products to customers around the world.

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Undisclosed partner

The list of technology recipients is open. We are currently negotiating with other partners. Soon we will publish more companies and their technological challenges.

The company is a producer of cosmetics and medical devices in the field of podiatry that deals widely with foot and nail diseases. The company's mission is to transfer innovative solutions for the development of podiatry in Poland and all over the world.

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Why us?

Useful information about KTP and Kielce

We offer modern infrastructures with offices and production space. For start-ups too. KTP community is more than 200 small, medium and large companies. Our region is one of the places with the lowest costs of business activity and our beautiful green Kielce has a big potential of a compact city.

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Terms & Conditions – it is important for you to familiarise yourself with the programme rules / read the terms and conditions carefully.

Get more info – it is always good to know more, that is why you should participate in meetings about the programme / don't be afraid to ask questions.

Apply – familiarise yourself with the application form / prepare all the necessary information and apply.


Prepare your arena – prepare yourself for the presentation as well as you can / it will be your 5 minutes to shine (literally).

Selection Days – present your idea / you will not only be evaluated by the accelerators, but also by your potential business partners and VCs.

Preliminary agreement – sign the preliminar agreement / it will allow you to register your company in Poland.


Settle in Kielce – our city is compact, very green and everything is nearby / our team and concierge chosen by you will explain the rules and help you to settle in / you will learn about our ecosystem, mentors and business partners.

Register your company – we will help you to register your company / we will also help you with all the necessary formalities related to the project.

Soft Landing Agreement – you will sign grant agreement / you will get ca. 40k PLN for development of your business.

Develop – operate/meet, talk and cooperate with your business partners or VC funds / participate in Job Shadowing / take part in the Design Thinking workshops, together with your technology recipient / sign up a letter of intent with us/you will have 3 months to complete all formalities.


Acceleration agreement – sign the acceleration agreement / work on the solution with your company or VC fund / you will get financial support up to ca. 200k PLN / you will have 8 months to complete all of the above mentioned.

Mentor support – you will receive the support of a translator, lawyer and your startup supervisor / you will take part in workshops and training sessions.

Develop the solution and cooperate with the company or VC - cooperate with the recipient of technology or VC fund/ participate in job shadowing/work directly with the recipient of technology.


Prepare the final phase –prepare your presentation and your final speech / show everyone the progress you have made.


Support program – continue your work / we will prepare an individual program for the commercialization of your idea.

Business date – take part in the meetings with the VC funds / every meeting will be a chance for additional funds for your Startup.

Info Helper / Info Help Desk – read our mailings/information packs about other financial programmes.


We are planning 4 recruitment rounds.

You choose which one is best for you.

25.10.2021 - 31.01.2022

first round

second round

01.02.2022 - 31.05.2022

01.06.2022 - 17.10.2022

third round

18.10.2022 - 31.12.2022

fourth round


1. Which startups can take part in the Project?

The project is aimed at startups that intend to start a business in Poland. When applying to participate in the Project, a startup does not have to have a company established in Poland, but - if selected for the Project - it is obliged to set up a capital company in Poland. This company is the beneficiary of the Project, i.e. contracts are signed with it, on the basis of which the startup receives a grant.

2. What grant can a startup receive?

A startup whose application has been selected to participate in the Acceleration Program signs a preliminary agreement on the basis of which it undertakes to establish a company in Poland and receives confirmation that it has been selected for the Acceleration Program. After the company is established in Poland and the Kielce Technology Park verifies that it meets all formal requirements, an agreement will be concluded with this company regarding participation in Stage I of the Acceleration Program. At this stage, the Startup is required to complete one milestone and may receive a maximum of PLN 50,000.After the successful completion of the milestone provided for in Stage I, the Startup company may be selected to participate in Stage II. During Stage II, the Startup may achieve three milestones to which three tranches of the grant are related. In total, during Stage II, the Startup may receive a maximum of PLN 250,000 if it completes all the milestones.

3. What formal requirements must the capital company of Startup meet?

The most important formal requirements include the fact that the capital company of the Startup has the rights necessary for the development and commercialization of an innovative business idea, which was submitted by the Startup. At least half of the shares in a capital company must be owned by the founders of the Startup, who are natural persons who do not have Polish citizenship. Moreover, at least one member of the company's management board must be a natural person who does not have Polish citizenship. The startup undertakes to indicate which shareholders or board members do not have Polish citizenship.

4. Who is a Business Partner?

The Poland Prize program aims to enable the Startup to develop an innovative business idea so that it can quickly acquire a key client or investment in Poland. For this purpose, business partners cooperate with the Kielce Technology Park: Recipients of Technology, i.e. Polish enterprises that have identified a need that startups applying for the program can respond to, and Investors who are considering investing in promising startups. When applying to the Acceleration Program, the Startup may indicate which of its business partners it would like to cooperate with.During Stage I, the Startup company in Poland is created and the Startup may establish relations with the project's business partners. To accept that the Startup has completed the milestone of Stage I, it is necessary to obtain a written confirmation from the business partner that the Startup and the business partner have established cooperation.This cooperation may be continued during Phase II. As part of Stage II, the Startup, together with its business partner and the Kielce Technology Park, define the milestones of Stage II, including actions to be taken to implement them. The idea of Stage II is to lead to a situation in which the potential of the Startup will be verified by the business partner, which may, after the end of the Acceleration Program, lead to establishing commercial cooperation with the Startup or carrying out an investment.

5. What is the difference between cooperation with a Technology Recipient and cooperation with an Investor?

The Recipient of the Technology has defined its need, which is most often of a technological nature. A startup, developing its innovative business idea during Stage II, develops it so that the solution can be validated, and therefore checked in conditions similar to real ones, whether a given technology, product or service works, and thus whether it is able to meet the needs of the Technology Recipient.The investor defines his expectations towards the Startup, which are defined after Stage I, and before the Startup enters Stage II. These expectations (the so-called business conditions) are the criteria that the Startup must meet in order to recognize that it has completed the third (last) milestone. Meeting these criteria does not mean that the Investor will carry out an investment in the future, but it makes the Startup closer to the group of entities that constitute a small group of startups interesting for the Investor.Therefore, the implementation of all milestones by the Startup does not mean that the Startup will establish commercial cooperation with a business partner or that it will become the subject of an investment by the Investor. Nevertheless, the Acceleration Program itself is to lead to the development of the Startup, including the achievement of a higher stage of development of the Startup's technology, product or service, which may be a key moment in the process of commercializing the solution.

6. How can a startup use the grant?

The grant may be intended for various purposes related to running a business by the Startup. They must be aimed at developing an innovative business idea that the Startup submitted to the Acceleration Program. Such costs include, among others salaries of people engaged by the Startup, costs of acquiring fixed assets, services of third parties, marketing costs, etc. When starting each Stage, the Startup is obliged to prepare a schedule and budget for a given Stage. It specifies the costs it intends to incur and the time for which they will be incurred. The costs must lead to the achievement of the assumed milestone. Planned costs should be determined on the basis of market values in Poland and the Startup is obliged to present the Kielce Technology Park with documents (e.g. offers or price lists), which show the market value of the planned cost.The values in the budget are lump sum, so the Startup does not have to submit to the Kielce Technology Park accounting documents confirming the costs incurred. This means, however, that the amount of the grant associated with a given milestone will not change, both when the costs actually incurred by the Startup are higher than originally assumed, and when they turned out to be lower. The milestone is "zero-one". The grant is only paid when the milestone has been completed correctly and in full.In the budget, the startup should specify the net values (excluding VAT), if the startup can deduct VAT. In the case of employing persons, all costs of the employer related to the involvement of the person concerned may be taken into account, including contributions that are borne by the employer.

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