Utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems

Short name of the project (acronym): URBAN INNO
Project title: Utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems
The duration of the project: 36 months (01.06.2016. – 31.05.2019)
Budget: 2.620.632,41 €
Program: Interreg Central Europe

URBAN INNO -"Utilizing the innovation potential of urban ecosystems" is a project co-funded by the Interreg Central Europe. He will undertake the challenge of a more innovative and competitive Central Europe, and the activities will strive to maximize the potential of small and medium-sized urban ecosystems. To develop the potential of development, necessary is commitment and strengthening the relationship between the individual members of ecosystems (decision-makers, government officials, representatives of the administration, scientists, non-governmental organizations as well as residents of the same cities and regions, including small and medium-sized enterprises).

URBAN INNO focuses on maximum use of the potential of urban ecosystems by creating partner regions so-called network/cluster quadruple helix. Through the development and implementation of new methods and tools, involving end users (so-called 'end users'), in this context - among others residents, small and medium-sized companies, the project will contribute to the education and motivate users to change in their local areas, and going forward they will become intelligent users (so-called 'smart users').

Results of the project in the partner regions will be five new networks quadruple - helix and six regional / urban development plans.

In the same time, will be developed and tested 9 pilot projects in the partner regions, which will be introduced and tested new participatory methods and tools.

Project activities include:

  • Appointment in selected regions of innovative urban networks / clusters quadriple-helix
  • Developing a smart mix of tools and methods of participation
  • Implementation and evaluation of the tools and methods of participation in the processes of urban innovation (so called pilot projects)
  • Development of international cooperation strategy for innovation


Project partners:

  1. CyberForum e.V., Germany
  2. Inno AG, Germany
  3. E-Institute; Institute of comprehensive development solutions, Slovenia
  4. Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia
  5. Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
  6. Municipality of Kielce / Kielce Technology Park, Poland
  7. City of Rijeka, Croatia
  8. Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., Croatia
  9. Pannon Business Network Association, Hungary
  10. Research Burgenland GmbH, Austria
  11. Vorarlberg University of Applied Science, Austria
  12. InformaticaTrentina Spa, Italy


Partners associate:

  1. Department of Economic Development City of Karlsruhe, Germany
  2. Authorities Vas County, Hungary
  3. City Pinkafeld, Austria
  4. City Hartberg, Austria
  5. Košice Region