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IT services

The server room of the Kielce Technology Park

occupies the space of more than 100m2 meeting all modern standards in providing best working conditions for electronic devices.

The server room is equipped in, among others:

  • Precision air conditioning thanks to which we provide optimum conditions in terms of temperature and humidity for information systems;
  • Physical security against unauthorized access;
  • High speed symmetrical Internet connection;
  • Access control and round-the-clock monitoring of both the inside server rooms and the areas around so as to have full control over what is happening in the area;
  • Gas fire suppression system for fast fire extinguishing in a manner not interfering with electronic equipment.

For our tenants there are advanced information systems available including, among others:

  • Private cloud with more than 100 cores installed in blade servers, supported by advanced virtualization software;
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) which provides quick access to data;
  • disk array dedicated to the database built with high-speed SAS drives of 600GB 10,000 revolutions per minute connected in a RAID 10;
  • disk array dedicated to files built from the Near Line SAS 7200 rpm disks combined in RAID 5;
  • disk arrays for backup purposes with the ability to access them via iSCSI, CIFS / SMB, NFS, FTP;
  • maintaining power through the UPS units.


We also render services in the field of:

  • Renting computing power in the form of a virtual machine - With virtualization technology we can accurately allocate server resources based on demand. With this service, high costs of server hardware can be avoided by paying only for the computing power needed in the period in which it is required.
  • Rental of storage space on disk arrays dedicated to the databases, files and backups;
  • Collocation of servers in rack enclosures;
  • Collocation of all server racks;
  • Web hosting and e-mail;
  • Rental of Microsoft software (offer in preparation);
  • Administration of information systems.

Computer network

The Kielce Technology Park is equipped with modern computer network with a hierarchical structure, which allows even distribution of network traffic, which directly translates into a speed of business applications. Advanced switches operating in the KTP have a number of safety features, no delays and resistance to failure at critical points in the network.

Internet access

Our tenants have access to the Internet via an asymmetric or symmetric Internet connection. In addition, they are connected to the advanced network systems whose configuration will be tailored to the needs of the client.

Wireless Wi-Fi network

In selected areas of the KTP there is modern, fast wireless network of 802.11n standard, which provides access to the internal intranet and, to a limited extent, to the Internet. The access to the network is possible only for authorized users.


Isolated subnets

Individual tenants (companies) are connected to separate virtual networks so that there is no possibility of interception and attacking systems belonging to other tenants. In addition, control mechanisms of network traffic prevents blockages of network, network infrastructure server fraud and the penetration of unauthorized traffic to other subnets.

Advanced cluster of firewalls

At the point of contact with the Internet advanced firewall cluster was installed, which allows to determine exactly what traffic is allowed. Optionally, you can secure the subnet of the tenant through a virus scan of the entire traffic passing to and from the Internet, filtering websites (e.g. blocking sites which reduce employee’s productivity) and spam filters.

Secure Remote Access

With Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can provide access to tenant systems through a secure encrypted connection, which allows remote work and the combination of several systems located at remote locations.



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The Project has been financed from European Union Funds within The European Fund for The Regional Developmnet and national budget in connection with The Program For Operational Development of Eastern Poland, activity 1.3. Support for Innovation.

Kielce Technology Park has got
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