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Fashion Design Centre

The centre has been created mainly for people with passionate interest in fashion and fashion designers.



Several hundreds of square meters of workshops, including a sewing room, graphic design studio, photo studio, show room as well as support services in building the marketing strategy of the product and assistance in attracting investors and customers. It is also a place where designers and fashion enthusiasts are educated. You can design a product here, make its prototype and learn about its sales potential. The offer of the Fashion Design Centre is addressed to students and graduates connected with design as well as fashion enthusiasts. You can acquire and improve your knowledge during various courses, workshops and training sessions organized at the Centre. We also provide comprehensive services in design and production of machine embroidery.






Photo Studio

A room occupying the space of 22.5 m2 is equipped with professional photographic and lighting equipment enabling the implementation of any display idea.





Prototyping room

A workshop occupying the space of 84.2 m2 is equipped with an industrial sewing machines and equipment including a fusing plate, cutting table, compact 1-needle embroidery machine, blind stitch machine, overlock, quilting machine, steam ironing equipment, buttonhole machine, ironing tables and adjustable mannequins.






A room occupying the space of 71.6 m2 contains all the elements necessary to organize a professional fashion show. It can serve as a conference room for 35 to 50 people. We also offer a lecture room, where our clients can organize a meeting for up to 14 guests.





Graphic studio

It is equipped with 5 computer stations with Retina iMac computers with Creative Cloud software and graphics tablets. There is also a cloakroom and a staff common room.  






More informations

Anna Pabian-Lipska
tel.: 41 278 72 22




Regulations and documents

Events calendar

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  • Doradztwo Podatkowe Grażyna Sobolewska
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